Rose the Story Lady




  • Mesmerizes audiences of all ages
  • Creates bond between listener, story and teller
  • Creates unique versions of stories appropriate to audience
  • Over 75 refined stories in repertoire
  • Demonstrated stage presence – able to handle unexpected situations
  • Obtains permissions and credits others as appropriate


  • 40 years storytelling experience
  • Temple Hill Storyteller, Oakland, Ca. 2009-2011
  • Regional Teller, Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, 2003
  • Presenter, National Storytelling Conference (Poster Session), July 2001
  • First Place Long Tale, Amador Valley Toastmasters Storytelling Contest, 2001.
  • Organized and Presented Storytelling Workshops
  • Member, National Storytelling Network



  • "Stories: Tools for Coping," Storytelling Magazine, July 2000
  • Story and Article,   The Healing Heart: Families,  Cox and Albert, ed.
  • “Recycling With the Story Lady”, Storytelling Magazine, Mar./Apr. 2007
  • Series of Articles, Storyline (Quarterly Newletter SAAC)  2005-2007
  • Authored diversity lesson plans Junction Ave. Middle School, Livermore, Ca.



  • BS Degree, Brigham Young University
  • Special Education Credential,  California State Univeristy, Hayward, Ca.
  • Masters Degree in Special Education, California State University, Hayward, Ca.
    Thesis project involved using storytelling to promote diversity awareness


Last Update July, 2012