The World Trade Center


IT happened at eight,

An unexpected plane

Something that hopefully

Will never happen again.


A crash,

An explosion,

Which left thousands dying,

Thousands wounded

And millions crying.


But out from the ashes came an unexpected cry

For the tears of millions

A wounded nationís pride.

How dare anyone oppose our nationís side?

Who did this, how could they?

How come and why?

Who could make millions,

A whole nation cry?


Outrage at the sadness,

Guilt for the grief.

War could be in the air

A nation at its peak.


But killing is wrong,

No matter the cause.

No innocents should suffer

The wrath of our nationís claws.

Outraged yes

But will we go that far?

Is this really enough

To make a real war?


No I say,

No war.

No more lives lost.

Letís not

No matter the cost.


I pray for the grief to heal,

The fear to fade,

And the notion of war

To go to itís grave.


I hope my nation is strong,

With a will to go on,

And not start a war,

To even the score.

Itís horrible madness,

Which will bring only sadness.


I wish we may,

And I wish we might,

Have the strength,

Not to fight.



By Jean Dahlquist


Tuesday, September 11, 2001


Age 12, Seventh Grade


Copyright notice: Copyright 2001 by Jill Dahlquist, 5J family, mother of Jean Dahlquist. All rights reserved. This information may be freely disseminated in its entirety provided that there is no charge for the information and provided that this notice is attached.


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