Rose the Story Lady

 Storytelling Apron with Recycled Fabrics


            I made the skirt of the apron from an old skirt and used another skirt to add a ruffle.  I used scrap fabric to add pockets of all sizes and colors.  Two large pockets are very useful to hold pictures and large objects.  The long pocket (which goes from the waist band to the top of the ruffle) has been popular with children.  I folded back the end of one of the ties to make a tiny “secret pocket” for children to find.


            I put objects into the pockets that “remind” me of  the stories I plan to tell.  The children take turns choosing a pocket.  If I have a particular story I want to tell first, I challenge the child to find a particular object by giving clues about it and letting them look through the pockets.  When story time is up, I remind the children that the stories left in the pockets will be there when I return.  


When I return to the same classroom on a regular basis, I put each child’s name in a pocket and draw the names out to find out who gets to pick a story.  At the end of the story time, I pin the pocket shut so the children who are waiting for a turn will know that their names are safely inside for next time.  



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