Finger Puppets


Paper Finger Puppets


1.     Use flat paper coin wrappers obtained from a bank.  OR  Cut 2 pieces of paper 3˝ square.  Fold each one in thirds and tape it shut.  These are the “finger holders” and a finger will slide inside each one.  (It is important that children make the “finger holders” first so they can draw the appropriate size heads for their puppets.)

2.     Cut out heads of animals or people from old greeting cards or discarded story books.  (Stickers can also be used.)

3.     Glue the head on  finger holder.

4.     Put a finger puppet on the pointer finger of each hand.  Two characters are now ready to have a conversation about whatever they want to talk about!


Fabric Puppets


  1. Cut the finger tip off of an old glove.
  2. Draw a face with permanent marker  or glue pictures on each finger tip.  (Stickers can also be used.)


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