Newspaper Flowers (or trees)


1.     Use a double-size sheet of newspaper.  Measure 10” from the top and 10” from the bottom  of the page and cut 2 strips.  Discard the middle piece.  (You may find it easier to simply have students cut the newspaper in half.)

2.     Roll one strip loosely so it forms a tube about 1 ˝” in diameter.  Just before you come to the end of the strip, add a second strip (overlapping ends) and continue rolling.

3.     Tape the end of the newspaper  in the middle so the tube won't come unrolled.  (This gives students a "marker" to show them how deep to make the cuts.)

4.     Insert one point of the scissors into the tube you have made.  Make 5-8 cuts from the top of the roll.  (Provide adult scissors since children’s school scissors will not cut the multiple layers of newspaper.)  Cut about halfway through the roll.  (This is where the tape marker is helpful to students.)  Gently pull up gently on the innermost layer of one of the cut strips.  The flower will magically start to “grow”.  Pull carefully so the strip does not tear.  Do not pull too much or the magic will come undone!


Note:  Comics, colored ads, old sheets of gift wrap paper or colored tissue paper makes beautiful flowers.  Children might use crayons to color the newspaper strips before rolling and cutting. 

Directions (with diagrams) for the tree (flower)  can also be found in “The Apple Thieves” in The Family Storytelling Handbook, Anne Pellowski, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1987.



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