Make R.E. Cycle – The Snake from “Tie-Land”


Materials needed:


2 metal coat hangers

Strapping tape

Plastic grocery bags

Scrap of red felt for tongue

2 large wiggle eyes

Feathers, small hat, wire glasses, silk flowers, etc. to “dress” snake



  1. Cut the hooks off 2 coat hangers.  Straighten hangers.  Bend over one end of each hanger to form a loop and tape the wire, leaving the loop uncovered.  Overlap the straight ends of the hangers so the wire is about 2-3 inches shorter than the tie.  Tape the hangers together with strapping tape.  (It is not necessary to twist the hangers.)
  2. Tape the end of a plastic grocery bag over one end of the wire.  Wrap the wire with plastic grocery bags.  Tape each bag to the wire as you finish wrapping it.  Tape another bag on and continue to the end of the wire.  As you approach the tail end of the snake, wrap the bags tighter so it will fit in the thin end of the tie. 
  3. Slide the wrapped wire into the tie.  Sew the loop into position so the wire can’t come out.  (If snake is for display purposes, it may not be necessary to anchor the ends of the wire.)
  4. Use a hot glue gun to glue on wiggle eyes, feathers, hats, glasses, etc. to decorate the face.  If the tie is dark, put feathers or felt behind the eyes so they are visible.   (Hint:  Old stuffed toys at Thrift shops are good sources for hats.)
  5. Twist the wire into a coiled shape.  You may have to experiment with it until you find a position so the snake can “stand.”  Another solution is to anchor the snake to a small square of wood.
  6. Enjoy.  You may want to display the snake with a sign that says, “The Sssssssssecret of Succccccessssssssss is   Succcesss comessss in Cans, not Can’ts.”   Or you may have children decide what the secret of success is and display their ideas. 


Rose Owens


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