The Farmer and the Snake


(Choices, Accountability, Drug Awareness)


            The weather was getting cold.  The farmer was worried about his sheep in the high pastures.  Wrapping his wool cloak tightly about himself, he braved the wind and climbed the steep path.  As he started back down the path, hurrying to get into his warm house, the farmer saw a snake lying across the path.

            “Pleeeeessssssse help me,” said the snake.  “I am freezing. Pleeeeeeese take me down into the valley where it is warmer”

            “I’m no dummy,” said the farmer.  “I know who you are.  You are a rattlesnake.  If I pick you up, you will poison me.”

            “Oh, no,” said the snake.  “I would not do that.  I promisssssse that if you carry me down the mountain I will not bite you.  You and your children will be ssssssafe from me and my kind from thisssss  day forward.”

            The farmer had compassion on the snake and he picked the snake up and put it under his cloak.  He carried it down into the valley and lay it down upon the ground.  As the snake began to warm, he began to slither and move.  He coiled up and struck, biting the farmer in the leg.

            “Ow!   You promised me that you would not bite me,” cried the farmer.

            “Ah,” said the snake, “ssssso I did.  But you knew what I was when you picked me up.”


 Farmer and the Snake -  Lesson Plan (Drug Awareness)

Based on a Aesop Fable

Adapted by Rose Owens

Copyright 2001



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