Rose, the Story Lady’s Adaptation of Mucky Moose


Mucky Moose  by Jonathan Allen is copyrighted.   See  Mucky Moose by Jonathan Allen (Aladdin Paperbacks, New York, 1990) for the text of the story.  When I tell this story I emphasize the teasing and Mucky’s calm reaction to it.  I include a sing song refrain that is repeated throughout the story.  I believe that my version of this story may offer children emotional survival strategies to cope with teasing and bullying.


Mucky Moose is teased by all the other animals in the swamp and the forest because he smells so yucky.  However, it is his smell and quick wit that enables him to outsmart the wolf.  In my version, Mucky Moose doesn’t allow the teasing of the other animals to bother him because “My smell might come in handy sometime.”  and “I have more important things to do than getting angry.”  He also says, “It’s only words and besides I do smell like swamp juice.”  I add a little sing song refrain that the other animals sing and Mucky Moose sings it to himself too:

            “Mucky, Mucky, Mucky Moose

                          Smells like yucky swamp juice.”

            This catchy little refrain is sung by the animals in the swamp, the animals in the forest and by Mucky Moose himself as he steps over the “downed” wolf and walks on down the path in the forest. 




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