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Mary Alice was born in a creative writing class in response the writing prompt: “I didn’t want to weed the daisies." She soon assumed a life of her own with a story that needed to be shared. In addition to her story which has been written in the book Maryalise and the Singing Flowers, she managed to make her way into other creative writing assignments. Although they have not been included in her book, Mary Alice (who is actually a fairy named Maryalise) wishes those poems and essays to be shared with the readers who have met and loved her.
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Rose. She had a happy smile and freckles sprinkled across her nose.

Although her appearance was somewhat ordinary, deep inside Rose knew that she was not ordinary. For Rose carried a special dream in her heart: when she grew up, she would be a story princess. She would wear beautiful dresses and tell stories. Years passed and throughout those growing years, the dream remained. Today Rose tells stories and she is known as Rose The Story Lady.

Rose’s dreams have continued. In addition to sharing stories orally, she is now capturing them on paper. The magic of her stories has woven its way into a new dimension.